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Naturalist Journal

Why Care About Biodiversity?

Naturalist Paul Wiegman, joins Host Matthew Craig to discuss protecting Pennsylvania's wildlife and why biodiversity matters.

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Naturalist Journal: Amphibians Galore

If you ever wondered what kind of frog you saw in your backyard, our Intrepid Naturalist Dr.

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Naturalist Journal: Blackbirds

You might be surprised to find the Eastern Meadowlark is considered a blackbird.

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Letters from the Laurel Highlands: State Forests

Our esteemed naturalist Paul Wiegman discusses the difference between a forest, and a STATE forest in his delightful and informative way

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Naturalist Mailbox

Intrepid naturalist Chuck Welsh answers questions from listeners about sparrows, mosquitoes, and poison ivy.

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Naturalist Journals: Questions from the Mailbox

In this latest installment of the Naturalist Journal, Dr.

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Talking Wild Turkey

Our intrepid naturalist Dr. Chuck Welsh regales us with a tale of a recent run-in with a wild turkey.

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Naturalist Almanac: Where to See Spring Wildflowers

Naturalist Paul Wiegman tells Host Matthew Craig where to go to see spring wildflowers in Western Pennsylvania.

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Letters from the Laurel Highlands: Maple Sugaring

Our Esteemed Naturalist Paul Wiegman sweetly reminds us that now is the time for maple sugaring.

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