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Naturalist Journal

A Windy Letter from the Laurel Highlands

Our Esteemed Naturalist Paul Wiegman joins Host Matthew Craig to tell us that you can sense Spring is in the air when the wind starts to

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Naturalist Almanac: Pines of Pennsylvania

Evergreens are prominent in Western Pennsylvania's woods this time of year.

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Naturalist Journal: The Abundance of Fall

Our intrepid naturalist, Dr. Chuck Welsh, finds natures abundance in the fall with mushrooms, walnuts, woodpeckers, and insects.

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Letters from the Laurel Highlands: Good News for the Yough

Our Esteemed Naturalist Paul Wiegman sends us a Letters from the Laurel Highlands filled with "Good News"--the return of the Go

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Naturalist Almanac: Fall Migration

Our esteemed naturalist Paul Wiegman flies in to tell us about the fall bird migration and about birding at the Wildflower Reserve at Rac

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Naturalist Almanac: Bump in the Night

Naturalist Paul Wiegman joins host Matthew Craig to talk about the creatures roaming Western Pennsylvania's woods including white-ta

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Naturalist Almanac: Stormy Weather

Natualist Paul Wiegman tells host Matthew Craig why November is the time that we see huge weather shifts and story weather in Western Pen

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Letters from the Laurel Highlands: The Stillness of Autumn

In this installment of Letters from The Laurel Highlands, naturalist Paul Wiegman talks with Host Matthew Craig about the sounds--and lac

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