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Naturalist Journal

Winter View

Our esteemed naturalist Paul Wiegman sets his sights on the winter landscape, in this Letter from the Laurel Highlands.

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Naturalist Journal: Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox is right around the corner. Naturalist Paul Wiegman explains how the calendar was set.

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Naturalist Journal: Spring Birdsongs

Our intrepid naturalist Dr. Chuck Welsh flies in to sing about birds who are filling the air with their spring songs.

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Naturalist Mailbox: Taxonomy in Your Backyard

Our intrepid naturalist answers listeners questions and explains how we classify and organize plants, animals, and all other organisms.

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Pennsylvania Joins Ozone Lawsuit

Pennsylvania is one of thirteen states suing the US Environmental Protection Agency over its newest rule on ground level ozone, which con

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Naturalist Mailbox:

Naturalist Dr. Chuck Welsh answers listeners questions about spiders, caterpillars and cicadas.

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The Ambassador of Natural Science for the Laurel Highlands

In his new role as Ambassador of Natural Science for the Laurel Highlands, our esteemed naturalist Paul Wiegman tells us that while the t

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