Administration Insider Says There Will Be a White House Garden

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An update to two pieces we carried about a grassroots effort to turn some of the White House lawn into a food garden... CBS reports that a top adviser to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says such a plan will happen. That seems an improvement over the USDA's very modest efforts to do some planting at their sites. They proposed a "People's Garden," but it seemed mostly to be just lawn replacing pavement. And plans to extend those efforts to USDA sites around the country weren't much more impressive. A spokesman said greening up campuses was just a suggestion to its offices, not a mandate, and that it might mean something like putting in a window box of plants. But Neil Hamilton, the chair and director of the Agricultural Law Center at Drake University Law School in Iowa, says: ìI believe the Obamas are committed to (a White House garden.) Itís a big idea, and its gonna happen... During the campaign, going around shaking peoplesí hands, he never got sick once. He was eating well, and it could have to do with having an organic chef with him. This is someone who 'gets' nutrition.î Hamilton says he thinks the garden will be in place by summer. (Photo illustration at left courtesy of