Bed Bugs are Biting: Experts Want Government Help

People in some parts of Ohio and at least four other states aren't sleeping tight these days, because the bed bugs are biting. Some experts want the federal government to approve a pesticide that's known to kill the bloodsuckers, but so far the Environmental Protection Agency isn't biting. 

Susan Jones is an entomologist at the Ohio State University, she's watched as bed bugs have spread to more and more places. Jones says people can get rid of them, but it takes a lot of work at home and a lot of expensive visits from the exterminator. Things not everyone can do.

"There are situations where people are in wheelchairs and bed bugs have infested their wheelcharis. And they come out and feed on these individuals because they're essentially a captive audience," explained Jones.

Jones wants the EPA to approve the use of a pesticide called propoxur. She says it would take care of the problem much faster then the chemicals currently being used.

But the EPA says propoxur was banned in the 1990s because of concerns about its effect on children. Jones says the government might re-consider its use in some circumstances, but the ban hasn't been overturned so far.