Climate Chronicles Series Tackles Pennsylvania Climate Impacts

  • Photos: Jeff Kubina, Kara Holsopple, Mary Birdsong, Reid Frazier, Nicholas A. Tonelli

March 7, 2014

Climate Chronicles, a new series produced by The Allegheny Front, will tell the story of how climate change is impacting Pennsylvania now and into the future, from the state’s economy and changes to the ecosystem to the region's quality of life.  The series will also focus on renewable energy in Pennsylvania.  

The series will air throughout 2014.

“Climate Chronicles will help people learn how climate change could be felt in their own backyards,” says executive producer, Kathy Knauer.  “Scientists are predicting real changes for places like Pennsylvania.”

As wildlife habitats are altered by a warming climate, plants and animals will be at risk of disappearing from Pennsylvania.  Allegheny Front reporters will tell the story of researchers in the field and the solutions that could help save these vulnerable species.

Climate Chronicles will examine these impacts to our food system and how farmers are making the transition today as experts predict changes in crops that can be grown here, altering the face of farming in Pennsylvania.  

Climate Chronicles will profile people in the community trying to make a difference, such as one group going door-to-door spreading the news about climate change and energy conservation in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.

The series will talk with researchers at local universities trying to understand climate science and working to develop solutions.

Funding for Climate Chronicles is provided by The J. Raymond Price Memorial Fund, John K. Saxman, Jr. Fund, Laurabelle S. Gaitens Fund and the George L. and Dallas Darrow Fahey Fund of  The Pittsburgh Foundation.  Since 1945, The Pittsburgh Foundation has been connecting its generous donors with the critical needs of our community.