Come on People, Michael Pollan's Not the Only Eco-Food Hero

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OK, so Julia Child may not have all the qualifications many seek in an eco-food hero. There she was, played by Meryl, in the film "Julie and Julia" smoking and jetting all over the place with abandon (and frankly making those habits look quite delightful). But the woman clearly had qualities we here at the Earth's Bounty blog deeply admire. Child championed the virtue of the fresh egg for poaching, and real butter for, well, everything. She also appears to have been terribly gracious, cherishing her local fishmongers and workers at the Paris boulangeries. AND Child took my call in 1999 while writing an article for The Associated Press on kitchens of the last century. Too bad my questions were so lame that all I got out of her was that the food processor was a great invention of that century. For Child's love of, and insistence on, fresh ingredients, for her kindness, and her willingness to easily chat with me even when I'm unprepared, she's got to be on MY list of sustainable food heroes.
The photo at left is one I took of my best pal and eating companion, with her budding baker daughter and daughter's best bud and baking pal. It was my third time seeing this movie.