No TV Trash Pickup Curbside Under PA E-Waste Law

  • It only took a short drive around Pittsburgh to spot what will be an infraction in PA come Jan. 24. Photo: J. Szweda Jordan

First Published: January 26, 2012

Do you ever drive along and see TV screens and computer monitors sitting out for trash pickup and wonder “Hmm, is that legal?” Starting January 24, 2012 in Pennsylvania, the answer is no. A new state law goes into effect banning electronic or "e-waste" from ending up in landfills.  Dave Mazza of Pennsylvania Resource Council has the scoop. The Allegheny Front's host Jennifer Szweda Jordan gets the scoop from Pennsyvlania Resources Council's Dave Mazza.

Here are links to information about e-waste recycling and places you might take your e-waste: 

Pennsylvania Resources Council's 2013 E-Waste Pickups in Eastern PA. offers information on recycling electronics. 

Some Habitat for Humanity ReStore Locations offer electronics recycling. Check this link for the store directory.

E-Stewards find-a-recycler map.

Listen to the interview by clicking on the audio link.