Residents Say Dangers Still Exist at Love Canal

  • Homes once stood in this spot near Love Canal in Niagara Falls. Photo: Ashley Hirtzel/WBFO

October 24, 2013
By Ashley Hirtzel

In 1978, the government officially told residents in the Niagara Falls neighborhood that they were living in a toxic zone as their homes were built on an industrial waste site. Niagara Falls residents and activists commemorated the 35th anniversary of the Love Canal relocation recently with a walking tour.

The Love Canal case is considered by many to be a landmark in the development of the modern environmental movement.

Former resident and Executive Director of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice Lois Gibbs led the fight against the industrial contamination years ago. This week she led the walking tour with people currently living in the area to bring attention to other problems that still plague the site today.

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