Upstate New York Company Cuts Costs for Global Fuel Cell Production

  • The Solid Cell company has created a hybrid ceremaic and metal material which reduces fuel cell production costs. Photo: Courtesy of Solid Cell

August 2, 2013
By Kate O'Connell

New York's state energy research and development authority, NYSERDA, has awarded $200 thousand to upstate fuel cell company Solid Cell. The funding is earmarked for commercialization of the company’s unique interconnect material, an important mechanical part of fuel cell systems.

Interconnects are the components that connect the layers of a solid oxide fuel cell, enabling it to convert fuel to energy through a reaction between oxygen and fuels like hydrogen or natural gas.

Solid Cell CEO Arkady Malakhov says traditional interconnects are made from metal, but they have to be coated with expensive protective layers to stop them from breaking down at very high temperatures.

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