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renewable energy

News Analysis: Developing Sun Power In Pennsylvania

For the first time, Pennsylvania has dedicated a sizable chunk of state funds to the development of solar energy.

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FTC Looks at Carbon Offset Sales

If you think you've done the environment wrong by driving, flying, or keeping your house too toasty in the winter, some businesses h

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Wind Farms Sprout Controversy

By the end of 2008, Pennsylvania will have 10 wind farms generating electricity. These farms are built without any state regulations.

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Microbes Turn Waste to Power

Microscopic single celled organisms could become the energy giants in the near future.

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Zero Emission Hydrogen Future?

You've probably heard that the auto industry is looking into hydrogen as a possible fuel for future cars and trucks.

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States Slow to Pump Up Ethanol

The federal government is focusing new attention on research and development of ethanol.

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Governors Push for More E-85 at the Pump

Some governors want a high-ethanol blend of gasoline called E-85 to be more easily available to customers.

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