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Fracking Has Arrived in Amish Country

The cyber technologies that we rely on are something the Amish live without in their traditional way of life. But some Amish are saying yes to one very modern, very industrial technology: fracking. In Ohio, some of the best pockets of oil and gas in the East run right under Amish country. The Allegheny Front’s Reid Frazier found the drilling boom is already changing the way Amish there live.

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Old Farming Ways, New Food Safety Expectations

After the latest round of foodborne illness--this time from eggs, consumer groups are pressuring the U.S. Senate to put food safety on its front burner. Amish farmers in one area co-op have worried that they'll be expected to conform to practices violating their religious beliefs. But they're learning that they may be able to follow models used by other Amish farmers.

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