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Your Environment Update for July 2, 2015

In this week’s Environment Update, we check out the Supreme Court’s rebuke of the EPA’s mercury rules and what’s being done to curb algae blooms in Lake Erie.

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Honeybee Colonies Collapsing At Alarming Rate

Many crops—especially fruits and nuts—depend on bees to pollinate their flowers. New estimates from the federal government shed light on the growing crisis of the loss of honeybees from colony collapse disorder.

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EPA Water Study: 55% Streams, Rivers in Poor Condition

The Environmental Protection Agency’s first comprehensive survey of river health found that 55 percent of streams and rivers in the U.S. are in poor condition. What’s worse, for our area, is that a greater percentage of waterways east of the Mississippi were in poorer health than those to the west.

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Obama's War on Coal: Political Spin Or Reality?

During this election year, pro-coal anti-Obama billboards, rallies and ads are popping up in coal states like Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Opponents of Obama regulations are shuttering existing coal-fired power plants and scaring off investors in future facilities. But some say coal's evolving story is a lot more complicated.

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Ruling Against EPA Guidance Applauded By Industry, Politicians

On Tuesday a federal judge threw out a federal guidance that aimed to reduce water pollution from Appalachian coal mining operations.

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With Fracking as a Wedge, PA's Top Regulator Not BFFs with EPA

Over the last few years, the USEPA has taken an increased interest in regulating and monitoring hydraulic fracturing.

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Great Lakes Ballast Rules Meant to Prevent Invasives

Pennsylvania and New York are among the Great Lakes states that will have to decide soon about how to handle ballast from ships that ente

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EPA Finalizes Air Rules on Fracking, Delays Implementation 'Til 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency Issued its first ever rules to regulate emissions from hydraulic fracturing.

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EPA Releases Carbon Standards For New Power Plants

The US Environmental Protection Agency has just unveiled the first ever national carbon standards for new power plants.

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