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The Pope Sounds Off on Climate Change

Earlier this year, the Pope threw himself into the climate change debate. And many are calling his latest writings nothing short of revolutionary.

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Prez Debates Yield No Mention of Climate, Little on Environment

You're invited to a happy hour and lively conversation about environmental issues in this election with leading environmental news v

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New York's Shale Drilling Moratorium Faces Uncertain Future

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hinted that he may soon come to a decision over whether to allow fracking in New York, but a tentative dea

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Global Climate Change: The Argument Goes On

It seems as if you can't talk about global climate change without stirring up controversy.

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Global Climate Change: The Argument We're Not Having

Despite the easing of this summer's scorching weather, it's tempting to invoke global warming.

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President Promotes Clean Energy and New Technology in State of the Union

President Obama dedicated four minutes of the hour-long State of the Union address to energy and the environment.

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