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Turning Frack Water into Profit is Tricky Business

Some businesses think they have the technology to clean up frack wastewater. But can it ever be a moneymaker?

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Frack Waste Pollutes Allegheny Tributary with Radiation

A new study finds that gas exploration is polluting waterways. Researchers at Duke University say Black Lick Creek, a tributary to the Allegheny River, has elevated levels of radioactivity and other chemicals because of wastewater from fracking.

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News Analysis: Is Radiation From Gas Drilling Wastewater In Our Drinking Water?

The New York Times has done a nine-month review of thousands of documents from the US EPA, state regulators and natural gas drilling comp

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News Analysis: Regulators React to Threat of Radium in Pennsylvania Rivers

Last week a New York Times investigative series on natural gas drilling got a lot of attention.

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