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Managing Erie's Water Wonderland

Over the last several years, Pennsylvania has developed a statewide plan to protect water resources from being drained by competing interests. The plan is voluntary and unfunded and critics say, moving along too slowly. But there are still some ripples of progress being made in the Lake Erie region.

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Some Holes in the State's Water Plan

Pennsylvania's water management plan was developed to make sure there's enough water for industry, agriculture, drinking water,

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Who Should Manage Western Pennsylvania's Water?

Droughts and floods are happening more frequently on this side of the Mississippi.

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Water Water Everywhere: Managing Pennsylvania's Water

Compared to many other states, Pennsylvania is water-rich. But a lot of water is used here.

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Critical Watersheds in Balancing Act

As part of the state's water plan, two creeks outside of Pittsburgh have been identified as Critical Water Planning Areas. But this final designation is just the beginning of balancing the competing interests for their valuable water.

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