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water contamination

Your Environment Update for August 27, 2015

Weeks after the release of a new plan to curb carbon emissions from power plants, a new poll shows Pennsylvanians overwhelming back the idea.

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Your Environment Update for June 11, 2015

In this week’s Environment Update: We check out a new study from the EPA on fracking and water pollution and a bill that would allow drillers to frack with water runoff from coal mines.

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Inside the EPA's Big Study on Fracking

This month, the EPA released a much-anticipated study on fracking and water pollution. But environmentalists and industry are taking away very different things from the findings.

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Well Water Contamination Goes Both Ways

Whether or not you're one of the millions of Pennsylvanians who get their drinking water from a private well, your water quality COU

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Water Contaminated by Natural Gas Sparks DEP Halt on Drilling in Northwestern PA

Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection halted oil and gas drilling at 36 sites after two residential water wells were

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