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Industry Deals With Dangers Of Fracking Sand

The disease silicosis dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, but it continues to kill workers today. Oil and gas is the latest industry to face its threat.

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Are Flame Retardants Putting Your Health at Risk?

All kinds of consumer products, especially furniture, are treated with flame retardants. But even the newer regulations on these chemicals aren't preventing health issues.

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Conference to Explore Climate Health Impacts in PA

A report released this month by the White House details the impact of climate change on human health. A conference in Pittsburgh Monday will explore what this might mean for people in the Pennsylvania region, and how to adapt.

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How the Environment Impacts Our Health Today

The way Americans get sick today is different than 25 years ago. According to Dr. Ted Schettler, there’s more long term, chronic illness, such as diabetes and obesity, and he says it comes from a diversity of causes.

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Talking Trash at Pittsburgh Health and Environment Conference

Do we Americans love our garbage? With our plastic bags and "waste managers," we sure do, says journalist Edward Humes, author of Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash.  He will be at the Pittsburgh Health and Environment Conference on October 25, and he spoke with The Allegheny Front's Julie Grant about the book.

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The Allegheny Front Rewind: Prose of an Ecologist and Mother

For The Allegheny Front's 20th anniversary, we've been pulling shows from our archives that haven't been heard in years. But that doesn't mean they've been forgotten. This week for The Allegheny Front Rewind, Kara Holsopple revisits the tape from a well-known environmentalist.

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PA DEP Conducts Air Quality Survey Near Marcellus Shale Sites

The DEP conducted a four week assessment near Marcellus Shale sites in Northeastern PA.

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Are Flame Retardants Putting Us at Risk?

Flame retardant chemicals are used in hundreds of products in our homes and offices and schools.

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Predicting the Next Outbreak

A new coalition wants to set up an early warning system for diseases that pass between animals and humans.

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