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PPG Criticized for Selling Leaded Paint in Cameroon

Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries is being criticized for producing and selling leaded house paint in the African country of Cameroon.

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Consumer Advocacy Groups Discover Lead in Reusable Bags

State senators have introduced a two-cent plastic bag tax that, if passed, would give consumers yet another reason to tote their reusable

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Study Says Pollution Can Harm Children's Brains

A new study now says air pollution from cars and factories can harm a child's developing brain.

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Toxic Toys Still on Shelves

Millions of toys were recalled last year because of lead contamination.

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News Analysis: Congress Bans Some Toxic Chemicals In Toys

Congress has just banned a group of toxins in children's toys.

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News Analysis: US Coast Guard's Great Lakes Anti-Terrorism Plan

The US Coast Guard's plan to defend against terrorism on the Great Lakes has created a firestorm of protest.

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