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Fracking Chemicals Found in Pa. Drinking Water Supply

A study released by a team of Penn State scientists found evidence that groundwater near a shale gas well in Bradford County was tainted from chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing and drilling for natural gas. 

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No Place Like a Passive Home

Sometimes the best way to be active about the environment is to use some passive practices. Lucy De Barbaro and her husband are currently constructing a new, enery-efficient passive house in Pittsburgh.

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1.5 Million at Risk in PA for Crude Oil Derailment

In Pennsylvania, nearly 1.5 million people are in potential danger if a train carrying crude oil derails and catches fire, according to a PublicSource analysis.

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Teaching Climate Science in West Virginia

For most scientists, the debate over whether climate change is happening, and whether it’s caused by human burning of fossil fuels, is settled science. But in West Virginia, there’s a debate about what to teach school children about climate change.

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Can Carbon Capture Help Coal Survive a Low-Carbon Diet?

Burning coal is the biggest source of CO2 on the planet. But coal is also a huge source of electric power, and it’s big business in Pennsylvania, supported by Governor Corbett. With global warming becoming an ever bigger problem—is there be a way for the coal industry to go on a low-carbon diet? 

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