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Intersex Fish Swim PA's Major Rivers

Male fish with intersex characteristics have been found in Pennsylvania's major watersheds, indicating that the effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals are more widespread than previously known.

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Students Learn from Trout in the Classroom, and Outdoors

The Trout in The Classroom program has hundreds of teachers and students in Pennsylvania raising Brook trout—the state fish—from eggs, and then releasing them into waterways.  It connects students with their local watersheds.  One class near Pittsburgh has big hopes for its little fish.

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Climate Change Threatens Great Lakes Perch

Yellow perch are a staple of firehouse and church fish fries, and the popular fish is often sourced from the Great Lakes. But warmer lake waters in a changing climate threaten the yellow perch population as well as other popular cool water fish, like walleye.

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Toxicity Not the Only Problem with Lake Erie Algae

Lake Erie boaters and beach-goers worry about the unsightly and toxic algae blooms that have plagued the western side of the water in rec

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The Allegheny Front for the Week of September 21, 2005

This week on The Allegheny Front: whatís safe to eat from local fishing waters; play about Rachel Carson fighting pesticide giants; news

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Invasive Carp Endanger Great Lakes

Some say that an invasive fish swimming toward the Great Lakes could devastate the Lakes.

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Ohio River Fish Show Higher Mercury Levels

A recent survey of recreation on the Ohio River shows fishing is a popular activity.

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Will New Shad Limits Be Enough?

American shad are making their annual spawning runs on the Delaware River this month.

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Dredgers Agree to Fish Surveys

Three river dredgers have ended their lawsuit against the state over new permit conditions on western Pennsylvania rivers.

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