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BPA Found in Cash Register Receipts

Shoppers and clerks are handling more than just food at the grocery store.

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Chemical in Sunscreens a Potential Health Risk

An environmental group is critical of the claims by many sunscreen manufacturers.

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School Districts Look to Marcellus Shale for Revenue

As the school year comes to a close, many school districts across Pennsylvania face budget shortfalls.

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Ohio River Fish Show Higher Mercury Levels

A recent survey of recreation on the Ohio River shows fishing is a popular activity.

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The Push and Pull Over Toxic Chemicals

Congress is looking to make changes in the way that toxic chemicals are regulated.

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What Household Toxins Could Mean for Our Health

You have flame retardant chemicals in your body. They're toxic. Americans have the highest levels of anyone in the world.

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Are Flame Retardants Putting Us at Risk?

Flame retardant chemicals are used in hundreds of products in our homes and offices and schools.

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Sewer Improvements Subject of Community Meetings

Infrastructure that carries sewage and storm water into local rivers is slated for a major overhaul in Allegheny County.

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Predicting the Next Outbreak

A new coalition wants to set up an early warning system for diseases that pass between animals and humans.

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