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Study Says Limited Data, But PA Water Clear of Marcellus Pollution

The question of whether fracking is safe for groundwater has been a contentious issue in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale. Radisav Vidic, professor of environmental engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, has been studying the question for the past five years.  In May, he published a paper in Science magazine encapsulating the research to date.

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Hellbender Salamanders: Giant Indicators of Clean Water

Most people will never see an Eastern Hellbender salamander. They live almost exclusively under large rocks. But even if they’re a little shy, the amphibians have an important function. They reveal the health of our streams.

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More Oceanic Garbage Patches Found

A giant field of plastic debris is floating in the middle of the northern Pacific Ocean.

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DuPont Chemical Seeping Into Drinking Water

DuPont's slogan in the 1950s was "Better Things for Better Living Through Chemistry." But today, many living near DuPont&#

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Letters from the Laurel Highlands: Good News for the Yough

Our Esteemed Naturalist Paul Wiegman sends us a Letters from the Laurel Highlands filled with "Good News"--the return of the Go

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Naturalist Almanac: What Is A Watershed?

Our Esteemed Naturalist Paul Wiegman speaks with Host Matthew Craig about watersheds, and why it's important to conserve them.

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