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avian flu

Your Environment Update for July 30, 2015

If the honeybeepocalypse happens tomorrow, is it time to panic? Not necessarily. Researchers think other species of bees could help fill the gap.

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Fall Migration Could Bring Avian Flu to the East

So far, flocks in Pennsylvania and Ohio have avoided the disease. But experts say the fall bird migration could bring avian flu our way.

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Your Environment Update for June 18, 2015

In this week’s Environment Update, we take a look at an avian flu epidemic on Pennsylvania’s doorstep, and hear how the Pope is throwing himself into the climate debate.

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Is an Avian Flu Outbreak Heading for Pennsylvania?

Farms in the Midwest are being hit hard by a new outbreak of avian flu. And it may be heading here next.

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News Analysis: Is The Avian Flu Still a Global Threat?

Just a year ago, headlines from newspapers all over the world were screaming about a possible bird flu pandemic.

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