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Is an Avian Flu Outbreak Heading for Pennsylvania?

Farms in the Midwest are being hit hard by a new outbreak of avian flu. And it may be heading here next.

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Honeybee Colonies Collapsing At Alarming Rate

Many crops—especially fruits and nuts—depend on bees to pollinate their flowers. New estimates from the federal government shed light on the growing crisis of the loss of honeybees from colony collapse disorder.

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Initiative Improves Use of Electronic Food Stamps at Farmers' Markets

Lawmakers tucked an initiative called the Farmersí Market Promotion Program into the 2008 Farm Bill.

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The Future of Pennsylvania Forests: The Emerald Ash Borer Strikes

Ash trees line our main streets and fill many of our yards. They grow quickly, providing shade and they require little maintenance.

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Unexpected Pesticides Found on Cilantro

Every year, the US Department of Agriculture releases information on pesticides used on fruits and vegetables.

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News Analysis: Biotech Crops Get The Nod From USDA

The federal government is moving toward deregulating certain genetically modified crops.

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Fixing The Organic Label

They cost more, but sales of organic foods are rising.

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Livestock Tracking Program To Be Dropped

The US Department of Agriculture has decided to drop a livestock tracking program that has been considered one of the "the most impo

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