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Earth's Bounty: A Kitchen Garden in Every Plot!

Maine gardener Roger Doiron founded Kitchen Gardens International, a coalition of gardeners around the world who favor food over flowers

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Earth's Bounty: Farm Census Released

The US Agriculture Department just released its five-year agriculture census.

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Enviro Groups Oppose Killing Predators to Save Livestock

115 environmental organizations have a message for the incoming head of the U.S.

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Environmentalists Seeing Red Over Cabinet Picks

Environmentalists are not happy with some of President-elect Barack Obama's latest cabinet picks.

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What to Expect from President-Elect Obama's Agricultural Policy

The economy was the big issue many voters cited when casting ballots in November.

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Earth's Bounty: No Whey! And Other Standards for Naturally Raised Meats

Sometimes walking through a grocery storeís meat aisle can make a conscientious consumerís head spin.

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Earth's Bounty: Federal Agriculture Research Lab Slated to Be Cut

Grass-fed beef and meats from other animals raised on pastures are becoming more popular.

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