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Trendy Hair Treatment Raises Health Concerns

The Brazilian Blowout is one of the most popular hair de-frizzers on the market. But it turns out the key ingredient to getting those stick-straight locks is a known carcinogen that causes a host of ugly side effects

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A Less Toxic Fight When Bed Bugs Bite?

You are about to read something that will make your skin itch. Consider yourself warned. I have bed bugs. How does this fit into The Allegheny Front? Well, when your foot is covered with welts so itchy that you crave amputation, you, too, might consider giving the stink eye to old Rachel Carson and searching for DDT on the black market.

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The Allegheny Front Rewind: Prose of an Ecologist and Mother

For The Allegheny Front's 20th anniversary, we've been pulling shows from our archives that haven't been heard in years. But that doesn't mean they've been forgotten. This week for The Allegheny Front Rewind, Kara Holsopple revisits the tape from a well-known environmentalist.

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Sandra Steingraber 2001 Acceptance Speech at Chatham College

In 2001, Dr. Sandra Steingraber was presented with a Rachel Carson Leadership Award from Chatham College. Dr.

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The Push and Pull Over Toxic Chemicals

Congress is looking to make changes in the way that toxic chemicals are regulated.

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Getting Chemicals Out of Drinking Water

Some chemicals are getting into drinking water, and it's not so easy to get them out.

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What Household Toxins Could Mean for Our Health

You have flame retardant chemicals in your body. They're toxic. Americans have the highest levels of anyone in the world.

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Are Flame Retardants Putting Us at Risk?

Flame retardant chemicals are used in hundreds of products in our homes and offices and schools.

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A Texas Mayor with a Warning for Pennsylvania

More air pollution problems may be on the way for Pennsylvania, according to a mayor of a small Texas town 50 miles northwest of Dallas.

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