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Smart Meters are First Step to a Smarter Energy Grid

Everything's getting smarter these days, from our homes to the electric grid. And all of it promises to save us a lot of energy.

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Flying Unmanned Helicopters for Science

You might have heard that Amazon is hoping to one day deliver packages to your door by little unmanned helicopters. Now, scientists are getting into the drones act, too, and wetlands could benefit from the technology.

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Students Spend a Day Without Technology

The Fairchild Challenges are a series of environmental competitions that Phipps Conservatory offers to regional schools each year.

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President Promotes Clean Energy and New Technology in State of the Union

President Obama dedicated four minutes of the hour-long State of the Union address to energy and the environment.

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Science Funding in a Tanking Economy

The recession is hitting more than banks and homes these days.

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Clean Air Technology Catches On

Pennsylvania has the seventh highest emissions of diesel soot nationwide.

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