The Allegheny Front for the week of

November 26, 2011

Berkshire Prosciutto: Heritage and Biodiversity

Over the last 30 years, American consumers have sought leaner pork.

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Thanksgiving Birds' Ancestors: Walking with Dinosaurs

When a boy from Hackensack, New Jersey, takes on the mantle of a gentleman farmer, it's no surprise that his new life will offer surprise

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The Beef Draft

What better way to choose beef than from a cow you sort-of, kind-of, "know"? That's what happens in a beef draft.

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The Allegheny Front Rewind: To Breed, or Not to Breed Heritage Livestock

One in five livestock species is in danger of extinction worldwide.

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Old-Time Turkey Trots: The Long-Gone Practice of Getting Turkeys to Market

Turkey has long been a staple of the Thanksgiving meal. Today, tens of millions are sold each holiday season.

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Going Whole Hog: On Consuming a Whey-Fed Pig

Feeding whey, a cheese byproduct, to pigs is a method thatís been used for years in Italyís Parma region.

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