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March 10, 2012

AF Commentator and Author on The Lorax Film

When The Lorax, Dr. Seuss' environmental cautionary tale for young readers, came out in 1971, it generated immediate controversy. It's been targeted for removal from school book shelves; it even spawned a would-be corrective tale, The Truax, straight from the logging industry. Now Universal Studios brings us a movie based on the Seuss story. Commentator and young-adult fiction author Ken Chiacchia gives us his take on the new film.

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Ohio Links Quakes to Frack Waste Processing; Enacts Rules

Recent earthquakes in Ohio have caused many to blame underground injection of wastewater from natural gas drilling. This week Ohio officials agreed with these findings, and enacted new restrictions on the practice.

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No Mmmooooore: Why are Dairy Farms in the Marcellus Closing?

Is mighty Marcellus squeezing the milk industry? That's the finding of a new Penn State study. From increased demand for milk to decreased supply-thanks to the Marcellus Shale industry. Researchers at Penn State recently found a big drop in dairy production in areas where gas drilling was heavy.

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PennFuture Leadership Change Brings Lawyer to Helm

The head of one of Pennsylvania's leading environmental organization has left her post.

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Health Dept Chief, Overseer of Pgh Air Quality Regs, Ousted

The man who bore the brunt of criticism about persistent air pollution problems in Pittsburgh, Dr. Bruce Dixon, lost his job.

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Greek Yogurt Surge Increases Demand For Milk

Yogurt has always been associated with good health. Now demand is growing for a new kind of yogurt--the Greek variety.

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