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The Organic Gardeners: Planting Vegetables Now For Fall And Winter Harvest

This is the perfect time to plant crops which love cool weather. With a little protection, some vegetables will last all winter.

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Obama's War on Coal: Political Spin Or Reality?

During this election year, pro-coal anti-Obama billboards, rallies and ads are popping up in coal states like Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Opponents of Obama regulations are shuttering existing coal-fired power plants and scaring off investors in future facilities. But some say coal's evolving story is a lot more complicated.

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Eat Local? Maybe Not...

It's the height of harvest season, and ?Buy Fresh/Buy Local? campaigns across the country are celebrating September as ?Local Food M

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Are You Going to Eat THAT? Fermenting the Harvest

Historically, people have taken advantage of harvest time by preserving foods through fermentation.

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Monarchs En Route to Mexico Stop in the 'Burgh

Fall weather is upon us and that means it's time for Monarch butterflies to high tail it to Mexico on their annual migration from our are

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