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December 15, 2012

EPA Requires That Communities Reduce Soot By 2020

On Friday, the U-S Environmental Protection Agency set a deadline for reducing soot pollution. Communities across the country will have to reduce the amount of soot that goes into their air by 20 percent by the end of the decade.

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Report: Biomass Pollutes Air and Harms the Vulnerable

Biomass burners are often touted as relatively clean and renewable energy sources. But a new report says the burners are sending unmonitored pollutants into the air near vulnerable groups of people, such as school children while receiving $70 million in subsidies.

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Trying to Get a Foot in the Shale Industry

About 30,000 jobs were created in the last three years in Pennsylvania either directly or indirectly by Marcellus shale gas. A federally-funded program is trying to get more Pennsylvanians onto well pads.

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Grocery Stories: Fresh Food Access for Pennsylvania Neighborhoods

Making sure neighborhoods have walkable, accessible grocery stores prevents urban dwellers from leaving for the suburbs.  Yet, many urban neighborhoods lack grocery stores or markets offering fresh foods.  

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