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January 19, 2013

The Organic Gardeners Go Nuts; Ordering Nut Trees Now

The best way to get fresh, wonderful and pesticide free nuts is to grow your own. Like most things from the garden, nuts offer their best taste and texture when fresh. There are lots of dwarf varieties available which should be ordered soon. These trees are shipped bare root at the right time to plant in the spring.

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EPA Recommends Taking Presque Isle Bay Off Toxic List

The federal government is just weeks away from deciding whether to take a popular Lake Erie recreation area in Pennsylvania off the list of the Great Lakes’ most toxic hotspots.  But some local residents remain skeptical about whether the change of status is warranted.

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Green Tax Credits and Agencies Saved from Fiscal Fall

The recent passage of the American Taxpayer relief Act, widely known as the fiscal cliff bill, has extended the life of some eco-friendly tax credits and budget items.

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Making Mosaics From the Marcellus and Other Rocks Under Our Feet

The Marcellus shale is, of course, most notably tapped for its gas deposits. But one artist has found a very different use for the black gold underground: mosaics. Lynch blends shale with other rocks from our region and colorful glass to create work that is being purchased by gas companies and other aficionadoes of local geology.

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Jumping Into a Lake in Freezing Weather: Three Times!

We typically think warmer times of the year are best for  exploring our regional environment--especially its waterways.  But some people like to jump right into lakes and rivers in the middle of the winter.  Writer Jonathan McVerry took the polar plunge in central Pennsylvania, and lived to tell about it.

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