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February 16, 2013

Pennsylvania's Cross State Train Route Could Be Derailed

In his State Of The Union address, President Obama touted the economic benefits of having a sound infrastructure, including high speed trains. Pennsylvania faces losing its Philadelphia to Pittsburgh line if the state does not pick up the nearly six million dollar a year tab starting on October first.  The Allegheny Front's Ashley Murray rode the rails to find out what people are thinking.


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Fryer to Fuel: Reusing Oil Drives Pgh Enterprise

Fine local organic asparagus and other sustainably grown foods are the kind of sexy poster child of environmental topics. But what about the back end of food production--specifically the waste oil left behind from our love for fried foods? A Pittsburgh enterprise is collecting oil from restaurants and individuals for reuse as diesel fuel. See GTECH's ReFuel truck at The Allegheny Front's Feb. 23 Green Gathering. 

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Analysis: Obama Vows to Act on Climate Change, Details Still Unclear

Energy, climate change and fuel efficiency made up about 10 percent of President Obama’s first State of the Union address this term. The Allegheny Front's Ann Murray has this analysis, along with some reaction from listeners at a Sierra Club Allegheny watch party.

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Briny Water Flows into Southwestern PA Streams

A citizens’ water testing group is finding bromide in local streams that flow into SW PA’s rivers. The high bromide content has led them, and researchers from West Virginia University to suspect that someone is dumping frack waste into mines in that part of the state. 

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