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May 4, 2013

Senate Panel Approves Bills to Expand Natural Gas Services

A pair of bills moving through the state legislature aim to give consumers more access to Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas reserves. The sponsoring lawmaker lives in Marcellus shale country but doesn’t have the option of natural gas service at his own home.

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New York Town Weighs Ups and Downs of Gas Business

The City of Elmira is just seven miles from the Pennsylvania border. And for four years, the natural gas boom in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier crossed over the border and boosted Elmira’s economy. But now that boom has slowed down.

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PSU Task Force Helps Homeowners Reduce Energy Consumption

A long, cold winter—like the one that just mercifully ended—can be more than just an emotional drain. It can be a drain on home finances and the environment. But a program gearing up at Penn State aims to help homeowners pinpoint areas where they can reduce energy bills, and consumption.

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Farm Runoff is Polluting Lake Erie, New Report Says

A new report called "Taken By Storm" released by the National Wildlife Federation is highlighting the issue of excessive fertilizer runoff into Lake Erie. The resulting algal blooms can seriously impact the health of those who rely on its water.

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In Sunbury, Drilling Waste, Politics, and a Pile of Dirt

A pile of dirt has sparked controversy in the city of Sunbury, Northumberland County. A recent city council meeting devolved into a shouting match, as the city, miles from gas wells, has become deeply divided over the drilling industry’s influence on its community.

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Local Glass Art Reflects Life at Phipps Summer Flower Show

World-famous glass art from Dale Chihuly and Hans Godo Frabel has graced Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens’ plant and flower collections over the years. But for its newly opened summer show, the conservatory invited perhaps lesser-known regional artists to showcase their work.

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