The Allegheny Front for the week of

May 11, 2013

Federal Program Benefits Threatened Bog Turtles

America’s smallest turtle is the bog turtle. Its population has been reduced by habitat degradation and poaching, but it’s now getting some help from some of the largest wildlife agencies in the country.

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Honeybee Colonies Collapsing At Alarming Rate

Many crops—especially fruits and nuts—depend on bees to pollinate their flowers. New estimates from the federal government shed light on the growing crisis of the loss of honeybees from colony collapse disorder.

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Once the Dominant Grower, New York is Rediscovering Hops

Hops are happening. As craft brewing has taken off, it's created an opportunity for farmers to get back into growing the crop. Central New York was once the dominant grower of hops and farmers there are once more getting ready for the season.

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Asthma Summit Experts Agree on Links Between Air Pollution and Health

An asthma summit in Pittsburgh this week featured researchers and health leaders who said that over the last dozen years, a scientific consensus has been reached regarding the connections between air pollution and health problems—perhaps for a surprisingly wide range of the population.

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Zipping Through The Trees in WV, and Around the Region

Ziplines use pulleys, cables, and good old gravity to provide a fun way to explore the outdoors. Zipline courses have been developed around the region—one in North Park near Pittsburgh just opened. And so did a course at West Virginia University's Morgantown campus.

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The Organic Gardeners: Vegetable Container Growing

Many gardeners think of container planting only for their flowers, but any vegetable that grows in the garden can thrive in pots too. The trick is to pick the right plant for the right container, choose appropriate varieties, and keep them happy by watering and fertilizing as needed.

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