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June 22, 2013

Photographer Ed Panar: Sharing Space with Animals

Photographer Ed Panar doesn’t look too far afield for wild creatures. His recent book, Animals That Saw Me, has received national press attention for its series of photos which capture moments when he and an animal take each other by surprise. On a recent photo walk, Panar talks about his motivations.

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Dog Sniffs Out Sewer Contamination

A poop smelling pooch recently visited Southern West Virginia to help track down the area’s sewage contaminations.  Each bark means the dog has "got a hit", or found human waste.  The trained dog helps the sanitation board decide which areas need attention.

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Industry Economist Makes the Case for Gas Exports

The nation’s new energy secretary Ernest Moniz spoke at an energy conference where he told the audience that applications for new natural gas export facilities would be decided upon by the end of the year. Gas producers want to sell their fuel overseas where it fetches a higher price. But before it gets shipped abroad, it has to be converted to its liquid form known as LNG – or liquefied natural gas.

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Outside of Class, Students Learn About River Ecosystems

Fifth graders embark on an excursion with non-profit educational organization RiverQuest to learn about Pittsburgh's river ecosystems.  Their teacher says the trip supplements the lessons learned in the classroom during the school year.

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