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July 13, 2013

Beginning Kayakers Take to the River

For many people, summer means hauling colorful plastic kayaks into one of our region's many waterways and paddling. The sport can be intimidating for new paddlers, so Pittsburgh recreation group Venture Outdoors gives hands-on instruction for those just starting out.

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Summer in Point State Park

To find summer fun in the sun, we headed to Point State Park in Pittsburgh—the scenic site where the Allegheny, Ohio and Monongahela Rivers meet.  The fountain there has just been renovated, and a number of people were cooling off in the water, as well as warming up with sports activities around the lawn.

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Kid Scientists Track Lost Ladybugs

In recent decades the distribution of ladybug species across North America has been changing dramatically and scientists are trying to figure out why. They’re compiling one of the largest and most geographically widespread ladybug databases in existence, and they’re using citizens to help them build it.

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Camp Food Goes Gourmet

Camping food doesn’t need to mean hot dogs, baked beans from a can, or dehydrated packets of soup. The campground can also be a place for gourmet dishes elevated by ingredients found right in the woods near your campsite.

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That's Camp with a Q, LGBTQ Kids Outdoors

Canoeing on the lake or hiking with new best friends are common summer camp memories.  For kids who identify as LGBTQ—lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or "questioning"—that kind of letting loose may not be an option.  We visit one of a few summer camps where LGBTQ kids find nature and each other.

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