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September 28-October 4

Surer Than Ever About Climate Change, World Scientists Roll Out Fifth Big Report

It's now described as "extremely likely" that we humans are warming the planet, according to scientists who make up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  And that's a big and sobering statement coming from what Penn State University's Michael Mann describes as hundreds of "conservative scientists." Mann was previously on the IPCC. The panel is in Stockholm to roll out their fifth big assessment report.  

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Can You Bike Safely in Pittsburgh?

One way to reduce a city’s environmental impact is to cut the number of cars on the roads. Like many cities, Pittsburgh is encouraging people to ride bicycles instead of driving.  Cyclists don’t burn fossil fuels, and they don’t produce air pollution.  But as more people two-wheel the daily commute, safety has become a serious issue.

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How Will EPA’s New Carbon Limits Impact Coal In PA?

When it comes to energy in Pennsylvania, it may seem like it’s all about natural gas, right? In fact, coal is still one of the state’s main sources of electricity, but that’s starting to change.

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New Life Comes to the Carrie Blast Furnaces

The Carrie Blast Furnaces, outside of Pittsburgh, were once the site of major iron production. Since their closing three decades ago, nature has rebounded, giving the industrial site new life.

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New Methane Finding Will Re-Set Fracking-Climate Debate, Not End It

In a far-reaching study of fracking in several states, researchers at the University of Texas found greenhouse gas pollution during fracking to be lower than previous EPA estimates. The study re-sets a debate over the relative climate benefits for using natural gas over coal, and provides the largest-to-date amount of field-level data from active drilling sites.

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It's Fall! How About a New Long-Sleeve AF Tee?

The Allegheny Front's fall T-shirts are made of organic cotton and made feature eco-friendly inks by Pure Screenprinting in Pittsburgh's South Side. Show your support for great environmental reporting by donating $50 to get your own.

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