The Allegheny Front for the week of

January 10-16, 2014

Pittsburgh's New Mayor Vows Green Approach

The words of Pittsburgh's new mayor this week were music to the ears of environmentalists.  Longtime Democratic councilman Bill Peduto promised "Accountability, Responsibility, and Sustainability." 

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"Rain Tax" Helps Keep Pollution from Waterways

The federal government is toughening limits on how much storm water can enter rivers and lakes. For many cities, it’s proving expensive - especially in older communities, where water pipes are crumbling and in need of repair. To fix those systems, some local governments are starting to charge residents a stormwater utility fee, or "rain tax."

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Polar Vortex Re-ignites Global Warming Debate

With the warm weather this weekend, you may have already forgotten about the blast of arctic air earlier in the week. The media picked up on the term “polar vortex,” and the question of climate change swirled through the news cycle.

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Water Economy Network Turns Water into Money

How to handle water problems is big business. Annual revenues in global water services are forecast to hit a trillion dollars by 2020 as companies confront water scarcity. So a new organization called Water Economy Network wants to bring a cut of that financial pie to Pittsburgh.

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Farmers Lobby For Food Safety Rule Changes

Small farm advocates are getting a second chance to influence food safety regulations in the United States. In response to public comments, the Food and Drug Administration recently announced it would reconsider sweeping changes to food safety policy.

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