The Allegheny Front for the week of

July 4-10, 2014

NY Court of Appeals Upholds Local Drilling Bans

In a 5-to-2 ruling, New York’s highest court has upheld the right of local governments to ban hydrofracking within their borders. The decision comes after a nearly three-year court battle over bans passed in the towns of Dryden and Middlefield. 

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Our Climate Twitter Chat with Michael E. Mann

Our first Climate Chronicles Twitter Chat! We asked renowned climatologist Michael E. Mann to answer questions about the impacts of climate change, and the latest proposals for solutions to the situation that's making many sweat about the future.

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Husband And Wife Explore Earth's Climate History

In the heat of summer, one couple is getting ready for their next trip to drill into New Guinea's glaciers. Ellen Mosley-Thompson and Lonnie Thompson have worked for many years to reconstruct the history of the world's climate. They go to the ends of the earth, in extreme conditions.

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Offshore Wind Energy Faces Setbacks in Great Lakes

The United States is not yet generating a watt of energy from commercial offshore wind. A couple of years ago, it looked like the Great Lakes might lead the nation.  But now some are sounding the death knell for any wind development in the Great Lakes.

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Exploring Great Lakes History at New Museum

If you’ve ever wanted to step foot on a ship as old as the Titanic, you can do that at the new National Museum of the Great Lakes. It opened this spring in Toledo. The museum’s creator hopes you’ll walk away with a much better appreciation of Great Lakes history.

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