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February 6-12, 2015

Marcellus Life: A Native American Protest to Stop a Pa. Pipeline

Dozens flocked to Hershey, Pa. to protest national issues such as the Keystone XL pipeline, but Chief Carlos Whitewolf came to protest against the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project, which will disturb land rich with Native American artifacts and burial sites.

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Range Resources Gas Well Fire Under Investigation

Pennsylvania environmental officials are investigating a recent fire at a well site owned by the drilling company Range Resources near Pittsburgh.

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Safety, Property Rights Unite Landowners Against Pipeline

The Nexus pipeline would run 250 miles from gas wells in southeast Ohio through Michigan to Canada, and it’s drawing opposition from landowners concerned about their safety and property rights.

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Pipeline Safety Advocates Concerned about Lack of Inspectors

The fracking boom has led to what might seem obvious—an increase in natural gas production. To get that gas to market, more energy companies are building pipelines. With new construction comes increased concerns about safety and accidents.

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In Fracking Hot Spots, Police and Gas Industry Share Intelligence on Activists

Law enforcement and the gas industry in Pennsylvania are sharing intelligence and conducting surveillance on anti-fracking activists, leading some to claim their Constitutional rights are being violated.

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Commentary: Pig Farming Isn't All Hogwash

Large-scale, industrial farming is often criticized for the environmental damage it can cause, but even when farmers try to treat their livestock well, sometimes the gesture is not returned. Allegheny Front commentator and hobby farmer Ken Chiacchia shares his experience with raising pigs for the first time.

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