The Allegheny Front for the week of

March 20-26, 2015

No Place Like a Passive Home

Sometimes the best way to be active about the environment is to use some passive practices. Lucy De Barbaro and her husband are currently constructing a new, enery-efficient passive house in Pittsburgh.

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iSeeChange Almanac Documents Climate Change

The iSeeChange Almanac allows everyone to be an expert about what they see in their own backyards. People post changes they observe in the environment around them, and scientists and journalists help provide context about how those changes relate to climate change. 

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Measuring the Climate Trade-off Between Coal and Natural Gas

President Obama's Clean Power Plan, to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants, relies heavily on replacing coal plants with natural gas. But natural gas comes with it’s own climate problems: methane.

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Bird Files: Turkey Vulture Has Cast Iron Stomach

Turkey Vultures, nature's clean up crew, are on their way back from winter vacation. Just in time.

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Pennsylvania Pushes Tougher Fracking Regs

The Department of Environmental Protection proposed ratcheting up several regulations for the oil and gas industry this week, showing another facet of Gov. Tom Wolf’s approach to the state’s gas industry.

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