The Allegheny Front for the week of

May 29-June 4, 2015

Study Finds Babies Near Fracking Sites Had Lower Birth Weight

A University of Pittsburgh study found babies born to mothers near drilling in southwestern Pennsylvania weighed less than those farthest from wells. 

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Are This Spring's Big Temperature Swings Normal?

Above-average temps one day. Frost advisories the next. But scientists say climate change isn't the whole story behind this spring's wacky weather.

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Coudersport Ice Mine Back in Business

Ice in the summer? It's a reality at one of Pennsylvania's quirky, roadside tourist attractions.

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Turning Frack Water into Profit is Tricky Business

Some businesses think they have the technology to clean up frack wastewater. But can it ever be a moneymaker?

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Locals Seek Control at Fracking Waste Wells

Ohio is quickly becoming a go-to destination for the nation's frack wastewater. And local communities say the state isn't giving them any say in the matter.

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Commentary: What Our Primal Fear Might Sound Like

Could it be that we want to believe there is something terrifying in the deep woods because the thought that there might not be is too terrifying to imagine?

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