The Allegheny Front for the week of

June 19-25, 2015

Are Black Vultures Expanding Their Range?

Black vultures are common in the southeastern United States. But greater food availability may be a reason they're making their way northward.

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Your Environment Update for June 25, 2015

The ongoing drought in California could mean a boom for farmers in Great Lakes states.

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Is an Avian Flu Outbreak Heading for Pennsylvania?

Farms in the Midwest are being hit hard by a new outbreak of avian flu. And it may be heading here next.

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What Happened to 160,000 Fracking Jobs? Under Wolf, the Numbers Change

According to new numbers from the state, Pennsylvania lost 160,000 gas industry jobs overnight. But it has more to do with accounting than a slowdown in the industry.

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New Pipeline Could Mean Tax Bonanza for NJ Towns, but for Pa.? Not So Much

In Pennsylvania, communities where companies are building new natural gas pipelines could be missing out on vital tax dollars.

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Rob Walters, Three Rivers P.I.

Rob Walters isn't a vigilante. But he doesn't mind the term "P.I." And every week he's patrolling Pittsburgh's Three Rivers in a flat-bottom boat, just to make sure everything is as it should be.

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