The Allegheny Front for the week of

September 11-17, 2015

Your Environment Update for September 17, 2015

Some members of Pittsburgh's Jewish community are looking to the Three Rivers to help celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.

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Federal Air Rules Bring 'New Normal' for Coal

Bringing coal plants in-line with federal air quality rules is costing the coal industry billions. But environmentalists say the rules will save lives. 

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Even in the New Energy Economy, Coal May Have a Future

Many in the coal industry see the EPA's Clean Power Plan as a death knell. But the new regulations actually leave plenty of room for coal—if the industry is willing to evolve.

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From West Virginia to the West: A Coal Miner's Story

Third-generation coal miner Daniel Kent Parrish chased a job 1,700 miles across the country to Wyoming—where coal is still king.

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In Boone County, Less Coal, Less Money, Fewer Miners

Many places are feeling the pain of the coal industry's decline. But in Boone County, West Virginia, they've lost more coal jobs than any other county in the nation.

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