The Allegheny Front for the week of

October 9-15, 2015

Your Environment Update for October 15, 2015

While many Pittsburghers seem a bit leery about dipping a toe in the Three Rivers, this marathon swimmer will regularly hit the waters for ten hours or more.

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What the Brits are Learning from Our Approach to Fracking

More than 40 countries around the world have shale gas deposits. But many countries, especially in Europe, are approaching hydraulic fracturing with ambivalence.

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A Native American Look at Columbus and the Environment

Indigenous People's Day has emerged as an alternative to Columbus Day. And Taino Indian Miguel Sague says there's a lot we can learn from a Native American perspective on the environment.

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The Three Rivers' Lone Sailor

Pittsburgh's boating community is banging like never before. There's even a sailboat culture. His name is John Norton.

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Reclaiming Traditional Seneca Culture

In western New York, a movement is underway to preserve the traditional language of one of the region's indigenous cultures.

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