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October 30-November 5, 2015

Your Environment Update for November 5, 2015

Robert Blackwell, an internet-of-things engineer, says his idea to rig your toilet up to the internet could keep raw sewage out of Pittsburgh's Three Rivers.

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Spiders Don't Care About You, But Some Care About Each Other

You might be afraid of spiders, but not all of them are aggressive. In fact, many live in cooperative social groups that aren't all that different from human societies.

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Pittsburgh’s Smart Traffic Lights are Taking a Bite Out of Vehicle Pollution

A robotics professor at Carnegie Mellon University is using smart traffic signals to reduce traffic jams—and vehicle emissions.

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Coke Plants Are Still Among the Top Polluters in Allegheny County

Despite recent improvements, coke plants remain some of the region's top polluters—and a top priority for environmental regulators.

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This 1930s Shipwreck May Be Leaking Oil into Lake Erie

In August, an amateur shipwreck hunter discovered what's likely the wreckage of an oil tanker barge that went down in 1937. And it may still be leaking crude into Lake Erie.

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This Halloween Owl Visitor to PA is a Frightening Predator

At a mere seven inches in height, the northern saw-whet ranks as the smallest owl in the eastern United States. But as a predator, it packs a much bigger punch.

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