The Allegheny Front for the week of

November 20-26, 2015

Your Environment Update for November 26, 2015

Leaders from countries and cities around the world are heading to Paris next week for the UN summit on climate change. And Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto will be among them.

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What is the Carbon Footprint of a Typical Thanksgiving?

Turkey. Travel. Football. Turns out, only one of these is going to ruin your carbon-footprint score this Thanksgiving.

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What Parts of Your Thanksgiving Meal Are Genetically Modified?

We're not suggesting you bug your host about it. But here are some pointers for spotting things on your plate that could be—and probably aren't—genetically engineered foods.

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Lessons Learned from Raising a 43-Pound Monster Turkey

Hobby farmer Ken Chiacchia raises turkeys that are twice as big as a jumbo supermarket bird. But he says his bragging rights come from how they're raised—not how big they get.

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How to Talk Politics at Thanksgiving Without Causing a Family Feud

So when Uncle Larry gets on his soapbox, is it better to let it go or take him on? Here are some tips for talking politics with family—thoughtfully.

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The Importance of Bringing Biodiversity Back to Our Plates—and Lives

The homogenization of the food supply not only means the loss of a more diverse way of eating, but the loss of important cultural legacies.

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