Kathy Knauer

Executive Producer

Kathy Knauer is the executive producer of The Allegheny Front, an award-winning independently-produced public radio program that covers the environment in Pennsylvania. She came to radio by accident, volunteering to help out a little then got roped in - that was over 18 years ago.

Today, she leads a small team of dedicated environmental journalists, themselves an endangered species in the media landscape, who report on topics like cleaning up Pittsburgh’s air, restoring polluted watersheds, the conflicts between wildlife and energy development -- the list goes on and on and can be found in our archives.

For many years, Kathy was an environmental scientist with a wastewater agency and worked at Carnegie Mellon University managing a water quality survey of Pittsburgh's Three Rivers and small watersheds. She has a Master of Science in Environmental Health from the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh.

Kathy lives next to Frick Park, a 561-acre wooded slice of nature in the City of Pittsburgh. You can frequently find her hiking there with her husband Josh, and kids, Olivia and Adam, and two dogs. She also leads her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, and tends to her family’s seven chickens.